Tarot of Eons 3D Stuff

The images of Tarot of Eons are created in 3D. So we are looking into various ways to present the stereo images via Google Cardboard app and/or 3D video.

Here is the complete flip-through video with card images on the left and anaglyph (red/cyan) 3D images on the right. (Click full-screen for full 1080p resolution).

There are also YouTube videos of Major Arcana images optimized for Google Cardboard and “official” YouTube 3D. The first one you watch as is in Google Cardboard (you won't have the colors skewed as in anaglyph above); the second looks OK in anaglyph mode and in 2D mode on PC (however the one above is much better); it doesn't work well on the phone, for some reason, but it might be good for some other devices, I suppose.

Here are few sample stereo images you might try to open on your phone in Google Cardboard:

m_08_c c_03_c c_09_c s_09_c p_08_c p_09_c p_10_c p_11_c p_12_c p_13_c p_14_c